Hello! Today I heartfelt happy and am excited, because I finally married. Even if there is the countless words actually did not know for a while from and said. But I knew that, these ten thousand languages thousand words finally only can gather two characters, that is "thank". First must thank in the place fellow friends in this happy weekend, specially comes for me and xxx love makes an important testimony, does not have you, also does not have this field, lets me and my wife life-long unforgettable wedding ceremony. Next, but also must thank xxx parents, I want two always to say to you, you two always an only beloved daughter pay your hand in for me this young people to take care of, thank your trust, I also absolutely cannot disappoint your trust, but I must say, my this whole life also is possibly unable to enable you the daughter to become in the world the richest woman, but I can use my life to cause her to become in the world the happiest woman.