Present pats the wedding dress according to in to become the most important item, detains the life most beautiful time, no longer liked the former father mother's time, the marriage when a talent ?? person crowded ??, waited for new person regular rectangular photographing. At present because the living standard promotion, the wedding dress photography profession competition and the date sharp increase, facilitate the wedding dress photography multiplication the development, not only is photographing the aspect to tend to diverse the performance, in the service aspect, the wedding dress with photographs these two by original purely photographs or the wedding dress hiring primarily management way union becomes present the wedding dress photography formal clothes industry, the request is set of comprehensive services; Including the hiring wedding dress formal clothes, the photography, holds the flower, puts on make-up, the overall modelling and so on the duplicate suitable management policy. Must marry you, possibly after looked at many wedding dresses photography shop propaganda, can have the feeling which is bedazzled, which is most suits own? Only must pat the marriage to illuminate, lets you injury passes the brain, wants the picture to pat, the service attractively must good, most be important is the price aspect, the usual present pats the marriage to illuminate, needs to spend over a thousand Yuan, this but not a small expenditure, however the life only has a time, you certainly thought so long as can leave behind the happy recollection, anything is worth. The general wedding dress shop service can include: In the room and the outdoor pick-up, wedding dress formal clothes and does the late attire provide, puts on make-up, the overall modelling, the hand flower, the book (has art designing to design or purely to put picture), the picture adds the frame enlargement and so on, how much the price depends on your demand the project to decide. Suits own when the choice wedding dress photography shop, following several projects may make the consideration: First, wedding dress aspect: In the usual entire wedding ceremony, the bride needs Bai Sha, two sets of evening dresses naturally cannot lack, the formal clothes have, the old division newly, the price also therefore has a difference, new Bai Shajiao is expensive, if the budget insufficiency, cannot select brand-new also may select newly most likely. The bridegroom aspect, usually comparatively cannot have the question, except western-style clothing formal clothes provision, must pay attention to other fittings, like tie, flowered knot, bag medium. Moreover, entire wrap service whether also does include the bridesmaid or the partner court attendant's formal clothes? How many sets of formal clothes photographs the same day to be allowed to trade and the wedding dress? These all are you may to the wedding dress shop inquiry material. Second, photographic aspect: Emphasizes diverse in the wedding dress photography today, photographs no longer only is the regular rectangular record, now, the wedding dress photography pats from the room in outside. In the room you must consider are its background, the stage prop coordination, the outdoor pick-up involves the photographic location, the usual many new people all like the quite far place photography, in fact, so long as the location suits, not essential runs to greatly very far away, both the flowered time and consumes the physical strength, much less the bride dresses up prettily, also must climb a mountain fords, the beautiful brides all unavoidably are affected. At present in the photographic aspect, many wedding dresses shops pattern emerges one after another incessantly, you may refer to each wedding dress shop photography the sample, again makes the consideration, mainly lies in photographer's technology, the performance technique, moreover must consider actually photographs ??, how the picture flushing ?? calculates, the book design whether there is includes the art designing to design, the picture enlargement adds frame price how many and so on. Third, modelling design: The new person whole modelling has affected the whole visual effect, the bride, still needs in particular in the most beautiful time depends on external decorating. The usual wedding dress photography shop service can include puts on make-up with the hairstyle design, some also meets other lets with the hairdesign salon coordination the new person first does well the hair, again by the wedding dress shop modelling teacher when photographing again make the change. New person's modelling already was the wedding dress photography shop indispensable service project, regardless of were puts on make-up, the head ornaments, perhaps on the clothing change, liked present popular lets the new person put on the foreign land clothing to photograph, when photography the diverse background manufacture laughed uproariously, these all were under the wedding dress photography competition the inevitable tendency. How much is the above service project certainly regards you to pay to the price height decides, in this aspect, you may inquire about the correlation the question, if when photographing, provides the hairstyle high idea price by the hairdesign salon whether includes in the entire wrap expense? When photographing, how many modelling probably can have to provide? If outdoor scene, whether has the modelling teacher to accompany or own to handle and so on. When choice wedding dress photography shop, after perhaps you cannot go in immediately decided that, after usually can refer to two, three above wedding dress photography shop or seek information the married relatives and friends opinion only then to make the decision. Actually speaking of by our country wedding dress photography development, because is following closely the Taiwan developed wedding dress industry, in addition under unceasing sharp increase competition, now regardless of all has the trend specialization and the comprehensive trend in photographic or the service aspect management, besides must understand own as the consumer demand, also may the reference industry opinion, inform opposite party your request, mutually makes the communication to let opposite party provide the best service in view of yours demand, achieves the best coordination.