Finally prepared all before the wedding the tedious matter. Lays down the mood to have a look all around, happiness fills the entire body. A waltz dance step graceful revolving to the mirror in front of, suddenly discovered oneself already "carefree and contented", original slender .. already had "has been small toot toot" the meat, but also had the time? Does not use anxiously, all also have the time, so long as tried the feminine frequency channel recommendation a before the wedding week health to lose weight the recipes, but also gave you a lithe stature, no longer was the difficult matter. Monday Early: Coffee, apple Noon: The rice (a small bowl) fries the potato green pepper silk, fresh cucumber, purple vegetable soup Late: Boils the shrimp (several), burns the bean curd, the cold food in sauce fresh onion, the celery bud Tuesday Early: Rolled cat gruel (a small bowl), bread (a piece) grape Noon: The carp radish bean curd soup, boils the egg (1), vegetables salad Late: The green bean gruel (a small bowl) the steamed bun (), lives mixes the eggplant putty, fresh cucumber Wednesday Early: Oolong tea, rhesus monkey peach Noon: Burns west the bamboo shoots, the cold food in sauce the orchid, boils egg Late: Beef, cold food in sauce fine-shredded edible seaweed. Thursday Early: Big rice gruel (a small bowl), entire wheat bread (a piece), orange Noon: Burns the beef, the vegetables salad, the winter melon soup, fresh tomato Late: The maize gruel (a small bowl), the steamed bun (), burns the bamboo shoots, fresh cucumber Friday Early: Coffee, apple Noon: The rice (a small bowl), the element cooks in a covered vessel the hyacinth bean, fries the green vegetables, the winter melon soup Late: Chicken, fever carrot, cold food in sauce celery Saturday Early: Rolled cat gruel (a small bowl) orange Noon: Boils egg, burns the sea fish, the mushroom fries the green vegetables Late: Sweet potato gruel (a small bowl), cold food in sauce spinach, cake (12) Sunday Early: Green tea, apple Noon: The carrot, the celery fry the pig liver, boils the egg (1), the tomato soup Late: The green bean gruel, the garlic mix the fine-shredded edible seaweed, the steamed bun (1 two), fresh cucumber This recipes may be serious, certainly is the basis on international popular "divides the food law" (protein food and carbohydrate food separately eats, is for the purpose of letting two kind of foods not suitable synthetic fat method) and is advantageous, persisted two weeks which to the human body healthy, the young nucleic acid diet law designs, you can discover not only the stature day after day slenderly, the skin more exquisite is also smooth. To at that time, the slender lithe bride surely can be confident colorfully startled four shoots!