The wedding ceremony goes to war likely, around the company person possibly can bustle about the worry to be flurried, let alone was the body for lead's you. But since you are the lead, this calm comes by the happy mood facing your life in this important matter. Does not have the experience after all, anxious is understandable, has a look at the following intimate 8 advices, you will discover you had not thought question. 1. do not drink too many liquor. Will drink wine excessive to let you will appear is very inappropriate, must therefore control the drinking wine quantity, maintained the graceful posture ends until the wedding ceremony. 2. at the wedding ceremony too do not exaggerate. When you discovered that some relative or friend's place card disappears, or forgot that the belt signs the register of names, you will be possibly anxious look like on the hot pot's ant. Remembers, regardless of has any matter, certainly must maintain is gentle and is calm. 3. asks you to stand straight. Under the holy wedding dress in the tall and straight physique will serve as contrast, will be more beautiful. 4. pulls out the time to eat a thing. You and the bridegroom spend many time to choose the wedding banquet, why isn't willing to stop round trip enjoys? Even if is a piece of small cake. 5. does not want not to stop manipulates the hair. At the wedding ceremony, many brides always worried that the hairstyle will change. Actually the hairstylist had already made each fixed measure for you, your hairstyle may insist fully the wedding ceremony ended. Did not feel relieved really that may let the bridesmaid prepare some slightly to send the card, momentarily prepares to help you to fix the hairstyle. 6. restrains some bad customs as far as possible. Conceivable, when the bride in the wedding ceremony video recording, discovered that she tucks away the chewing gum, or and the guest speaks time routinely nips the finger, certainly wants to delete immediately. Therefore, must certainly restrain own custom petty action. 7. do not prepare the too noisy music. Generally speaking, in the guest about 30% is the elder, they do not like the noisy environment, therefore asks the acoustic teacher to control the good volume. 8. the static under heart comes. Every other one hour or a shorter time, stops you the matter which bustles about, savors carefully that moment, feels the periphery person's smiling face, looks at a bridegroom again. The moment peaceful will let you feel that will be enjoyable.