For becomes the most beautiful woman date in the great happiness, the bride-to-bes think of every means to choose the nuptial dress, even the body has custom-made, must let the nuptial dress be exactly right, completely obviously enchanting curve. But you whether to have neglected the nuptial dress intimate spousal - - underwear? Is similar to the nuptial dress the soul, a good-fitting underwear can decorate yours personal appearance perfectly, serves as contrast the nuptial dress the exquisite line, appears a better effect. Regardless of therefore you to own stature whether to satisfy, should prepare one in this special day to model body's underwear. Selects and purchases the underwear generally after choosing the nuptial dress formal clothes, because needs to consider the marriage clothing's funds. Let us have a look in the bride-to-be the most popular underwear design. The seamless cover cup exercises self-restraint the clothes - - to coordinate the thin low chest nuptial dress Ou Banshen V character collar hammers the surface fashionable bride nuptial dress The material thin nuptial dress, underwear's cover cup should choose the seamless smooth material, in order to avoid the underwear pattern passes presently; If chooses the big collar long sleeve the nuptial dress to match strongly suitably 1/2 covers the cup, the function is the prominent chest line. The lower part of the body does not need to put on too tightly ties the trousers. The beautiful bride does not have the mark to model the body clothes be ultra-thin Recommendation reason: 1.1/2 mold cup corsage, the line succinct smooth, the entire back does not have the mark brightly and cleanly, reduces the fetter feeling, the request gathers together the effect to be good. 2. light models the body clothes, the ventilation is good, has practices moral culture good the model effect. 3. has nothing the mark effect, is suitable for the spring and summer matching coat and the matching nuptial dress MM best choice!

The suspenders model the body underwear - - coordination outdoor scene to have the sleeve or to have the suspenders nuptial dress seamlessly Because goes out the gauze to put on the time to be long, moreover must undergo for example the bridegroom to hold the staircase, outdoor scene photograph tests and so on large scale movement, now more and more brides choose have the pectoral girdle or have slightly fly sleeve's design to prevent the wardrobe malfunction, if the nuptial dress the place is quite by chance thin, that model of suspenders model the body underwear are seamlessly essential, they suit especially match the suspenders to practice moral culture disperse the skirt. When choice must pay attention to the waist line along the slippery nature. The lower part of the body may match Lian Shenku, if is abdomen meat meat many bride-to-bes, may also for own prepare Gao Yao thinly to bind the abdomen trousers matching. Recommendation reason: 1. Not generation of ventilates the comfort zone chest pad suspenders, with the seamless generation of lining, is not comfortable, the lining is quite thin, the great summer will put on will not be hot, pastes wears completely OK. The marriage later may take is putting on daily the clothing, when the home clothing or the night clothes may. 2. The pectoral girdle may adjust the length, usually puts on inside, outside may match any clothes, does not need seperately to match the bra again. Very practical funds! The quality is good. 3. Has well models the body effect, the yellowish pink is the basic colors, very easy to build.

Has fish bones' design, lets “the Tibet meat” the effect is more obvious, but the nuptial dress lining must certainly suffice thickly, can be able to keep fish bones' towering. Suits some upper body design succinct dew shoulder nuptial dress, causes the chest line to reveal with nothing left, prominent whole body's outline; The lower part of the body puts on the ordinary underpants then. Recommendation reason: 1. This section of bride ties the clothes for Hong Kong and on Taiwan's gold medal the list, is in the present market condition a best section of climax nuptial dress companion. 2. the pure white bone clothes, partly covers the cup to suit any low chest nuptial dress, the greatly low back V design similarly is also suitable. 3. the whole body six roots pliable but hard to break fine jade fish, dorsal three row of buckle firmly locks, receives the abdomen US back.