The burning hot summer is absolutely the big test which zhuang accommodates to the bride: The skin will be easy the oil, the sweat incautiously “will flush” falls carefully zhuang will accommodate. The use receives the shrinkage, the emulsion, the eye frost as well as including against exposes to the sun the effect the isolation frost, recuperates the flesh, increases to skin's protecting, the wedding ceremony preceding month, besides use basic skin appliances, but may also increase the face recuperation once a week according to skin's characteristic, makes flesh clean nursing work and so on elimination cutin with the temperate skin care product, marries previous 56 days, finally makes a time comprehensive face nursing, marries preceding day mainly to make the basic clean surface with the US armor then. Certainly, what is most important is the marriage same day's schoolwork, spreads the basic skin care thing before putting on make-up, then on base. What must pay attention, certainly must select the permeability to be good, and includes certain lid spot effect liquid base. Depends upon the specialized make-up artist's technique, spreads thinly both the base and passes, but must maintain 10 hour about the lasting effect. Thick zhuang allows not to suit summer the bride absolutely. After melting zhuang the bride certainly to look like myself to be but more attractive than myself, simultaneously the flesh is more exquisite, smoothly, after the whole decides zhuang completes, promptly makes up zhuang is still the summer bride unnegligible link, the tip of the nose, the forehead both sides after a gill these spot easy to perspire, the make-up artist when coordinates the bridal entire journey followed service certainly must pay attention to these spots specially, especially when the temperature is high as well as the outdoor photography, must pay attention momentarily makes up zhuang, uses the paper napkin the first sweat suck dry, according to pats the reality with the dried noodles bottom, finally uses to do the pressed powder to make up a spot zhuang then. So long as attracts the perspiration promptly, makes up promptly zhuang, and uses specialized makes up zhuang the method, even if under 40 degrees high temperatures, may also maintain equally the best bride zhuang accommodates!