Where is the diamond ring

When love soon the melon ripe landing, then the most sacred link certainly was the hero and heroine has settled down before the marital palace, unique proposed the ceremony to become the very important link, whether hugged the beautiful woman to turn over to is must look that could have the astonishing creativity in this key link. Under when and everybody shares together proposes puts diamond ring's classical creativity: Most romantic proposing: The diamond ring places in the rose, the successful index 90% suitable to like the romantic beautiful woman. Key reminder: The nabs do not certainly want the parsimonious rose quantity! The danger coefficient 10% meet by chance the pollen allergy mm estimate to be able to malinger. Most intoxicant proposing: The diamond ring puts to the red wine, the successful index 80% suitable to like the affective tone beautiful woman. Key reminder: Was sure to remember that before proposing, not to drink first faints! In case the danger coefficient 20% cups straightforward mm must prompt do not drink the belly. Happiest proposing: The diamond ring puts to the cake, the successful index 75% suitable to be very fond of the sweets beautiful woman. Key prompt: Must finish the communication with the cakes and pastries teacher, in case the danger coefficient 25% the GF implementation loses weight the plan to prepare the counter measures ahead of time. Most sympathizes proposing: The diamond ring puts to the handkerchief, the successful index 70% suit all beautiful women. Key prompt: “Straightforward” excessive must pay attention to the suggestion really. In case the danger coefficient 30% specially fashionable mm already did not need the handkerchief to want many non-thoughts. Most transparent proposing: The diamond ring puts to the ice piece, the successful index 60% suit the vanguard beautiful woman. Key prompt: Must guarantee the ice piece the temperature environment. The danger coefficient 40% earlier period manufacture are troublesome, the heat preservation quality only affects the effect. “Food benefit” proposing: The diamond ring puts to food, the successful index 50% suit the home beautiful woman. Key prompt: Elects to go to eat the environment, the danger coefficient 50% beautiful women go to eat when must momentarily pay attention to the beautiful face to avoid error the food.