Lead: When I saw these pictures time, I treated this picture to smile the good long time, also has thought deeply about the very long time, I hoped that this was my daughter, a joyful daughter, a happy daughter, hoped that this kind of optimism, this kind followed her life joyfully. In the fellow families has favored daughter's mothers, which constellation is your treasure daughter? Is which kind of disposition young bride? Facing male goat young bride's wedding dress Xiu, is unable to restrain in consternation - -, no matter which angle appreciation from, couldn't feel that she is greeting the bridegroom warm hug, but is methodical carries on reviews troops the inspection, must the place not carry on elder's-like guidance and the concern as if to the subordinate. Male goat young bride Looked the thermos baby wedding dress Xiu, the first response was “spurts” (has asked reader to forgive the author not health)! The small age, can by this kind deep, the kind, arrogant, the extremely arrogant posture face the audience in addition, after growing up, how can it be that also?! Thermos baby's wedding dress Xiu may be called the classics, not only the modelling is unique, moreover the posture, the makings shine perfectly, make one gasp in admiration! Thermos baby's wedding dress Xiu Love is chaste, is romantic, thus must have the pink color to give decorates, some 999 rose sending out is fragrant! The double fish baby is in 12 constellation love angels, is the knitting beautiful fairy tale goddess, their love is imposing, their wedding ceremony gorgeous color is magnificent, because they not only will pledge in front of God loyally, will pledge that will take to an opposite party splendid life! Double fish baby White sheep baby's idleness is different with other constellations, they belong to the type which tosses about crazily under the guardian eyelid, namely the buttocks ever are not willing on the chair the static three minutes. This kind “is strong the son has not caused” the attitude in the photo studio still to carry forward - - was inferior that we ask a camera operator to record her exquisite dancer's posture, then names for the wedding dress version “the Swan Lake”, certainly can be the very good childhood accepts as a memento! White sheep baby Each girls vainly hope for are princess, specially Altair and Vega. Perhaps many people will question: “why isn't the double fish girl, they are not most like having a dream?”Indeed, the double fish most likes having a dream, what but they dream of is handsome natural prince, but non-dazzling eye-catching princess - - is also one. Although puts on the wedding dress body to be small, but actually cannot cover them to beautiful, the noble expectation and the hope, solemn Shu is elegant, does not go out of bounds! Golden cow baby The Gemini person wicked idea are many, the Gemini child's wicked idea are more - - does not need to make the thorough plan beforehand, so long as a brow wrinkle, can count immediately is careful! The double sub-baby a word does not have the good fortune with “the obedient female”, do not count on that they put on Bai Sha to be able honest a while, the guardians should momentarily it to look tight - - look neglects, double sub-young bride on behind Tibet son small flower, “stealthy”, did not know that who could walk the mildew to transport ...... Double sub-young bride The author has an argument: “the king crab disposition's person fades badly”. Perhaps, the young bride who wears the wedding dress titter is this argument good illustration! The moon, symbolizes the woman; The woman, always has that selects is bad, looks like the cat cat to resemble; As for king crab this kind of gentle woman, certainly fades badly, is similar to the rabbit rabbit resembles. "Knowledge Cat" the inside small tiger snow-capped mountain not often said: “the rabbit has been worst!” King crab young bride Old people often said: “three years old look are small, six years old look old.”Although day after tomorrow's significant accident will give the human by the significant attack, will facilitate the fundamentals to transform, but when many, for example the present, these words made sense - - just several years old, put on the wedding dress time wanted a top of the head shining royal crown, the lion baby's heart of Sima Zhao, thought that everybody looked clearly! Victor king, defeated invader, lion baby, if wants to be queen who really keeps aloof, but must unceasingly diligently! Lion baby How does my not clear maiden baby's mother is “trap” them to go according to the wedding dress to illuminate, in brief is very difficult to imagine extreme shy them to be able to accept puts on the wedding dress the request, although in their moral nature 100 are glad. North wore the wedding dress maiden baby US not to be able to find, but was still unable the praise praise which came facing four sides, will therefore only lower the head laughs foolishly. Maiden baby Forms the sharp contrast with the shy maiden baby, the balance baby is graceful, the carriage is graceful, as if must attend the wedding ceremony by the best state of mind, unfolds itself fully in front of the people. Like this although is very good, but must care reminder: Too artificial will have been exhausted the small body bone, the photography only will be the amusement, did not need too to invest! Balance baby The purple double pupil lets me be more enchanting, I have fallen in love with you, actually does not dare to go forward, love makes me becomes spiritless, I gave up it. The witch does not need love, she needs free and the boundless supernatural power!”Whenever facing this section of classical statements, is always with flowing tears, it not only to the people related that witch's fate and the home to return to, reveal one kind to the death pain and melancholy. Although nobody knows the scorpion baby's inner world, but without a doubt, her deep cover moral nature lonely and sad ...... Scorpion baby What smiles was some too has exaggerated, made one envy really - - thought that the most people usually a worrying matter big pile, very little smiled one time, why not the clear shooter baby always could smile so really gives birth for the first time! Said that the woman will put on the wedding dress will become is steady, is gentle, but do not count on that the shooter bride can also achieve, they at this moment were immersing in compared to at any time in the past the happy sea in!