Is embracing the happy dream, promises pledge for a lifetime, gets up at this moment, we must treat our pledge seriously, even if is the hair must spend on one month to come the earnest preparation, because romantic and happy henceforth starts. Regardless of when and where, the attractive hairstyle is very important. One month started to prepare before the wedding Newlyweds' hairstyle with will usually differ from, specially the new bride, the hairstyle modelling can be quite complex. But basic has a permanent wave or sends directly must prepare ahead of time, should better be enters the condition one month ago, one month-long first week was before the wedding most important. This time has a permanent wave or dyeing one's hair, as soon as comes the wedding ceremony to be possible at the same day the nature, two come, if the hairstyle burns not well, but may also recover. Accurate husbands and wives hairstyle The bride, the bridegrooms are leads, everybody may not neglect, a fashionable hairstyle design is very this time important to everybody. For two person of more coordinated tacit understandings, have a permanent wave, the best two people reach agreement the same place, like this has “the husbands and wives”! If the gentleman hair white hair are many, also suggested that dyeing one's hair lets itself changed beyond recognition. Generally speaking, has a permanent wave to entire hairstyle change is good, moreover after the modelling effect nature, will not need to change excessively much, sends directly regarding sends the nature is not the very good bride will have the little influence in the whole effect. Suggested that the modelling preceding day only need clean the clean hair to be good, is helpful in makes the hairstyle, if can arrive at the hair design salon to make the hair maintenance to be better. But after the wedding banquet ended, cleaned cleanly by all means must. The head ornaments are very important Moreover, chooses the suitable head ornaments to be very important. Because it not only may decorate the facial features also to be possible to unify clothing's characteristic matching, the brides not necessarily always high domain has the hairstyle, performs the fresh flower again the embellishment, they definitely may become the fashion beautiful bride who under the present individuality tidal current accessories embellishment is individualistic. Before the wedding one day-long preparation “must marry tomorrow to you”, the tense mood spreads in the space and time, the calm bridal on elegant demeanor should better start wedding ceremony's two hours ago to prepare. Generally speaking, only if has the special difficulty request, the bride zhuang allows with the hairstyle only to need one hour to be possible to complete, afterward acts according to the different formal clothes to change zhuang and changes the hairstyle again, needs 20-30 minutes probably.