NO.1 abstention: Certainly do not have to snatch bride's crest of wave All wedding ceremonies all are held for the bride, the wedding ceremony this day forever belongs to the bride. Including another lead, the bridegroom also only is only her set-off. Imagines, if you at others wedding ceremony, are big the crest of wave, greatly snatches the eyeball, then you had been finished, this whole life all is the bridal biggest personal enemy. Now the wedding ceremony is held usually is not center not west, the bride already puts on the western-style wedding dress also to put on the Chinese type formal clothes, therefore in order to does not snatch bride's crest of wave, some several kind of colors are certainly cannot put on, that is the white or the very pale cream-colored series as well as the red color. Otherwise, sits on the banquet always eats bride's supercilious look, these ample food taste also certainly cannot be very good. Certainly if the bride requests you to put on, that may regard as another matter. NO.2 two abstentions: Is putting on the casual attire not entire This or others life important matter, the clothing is neat is to after all the master basic respect. Male guest's clothing very simple: Western-style clothing, shirt and tie. Woman's request quite has been complex: If only participates in the banquet, then the coverall, the one-piece dress were allowed. If you attend a very official wedding ceremony, you should better take down the pearl, ties the black to play the part of the belt, or exquisitely puts on a body to be unique ??. The official wedding ceremony needs is the respect, especially works as the wedding ceremony is in a traditional temple or cathedral hold time. If the wedding ceremony reception has the dance party afterwards, or the master in ?? on indicates, also must put on a more grand women's clothing. It is said in Japan, ladies which attends the wedding ceremony all must put on the kimono, moreover feeds specially the kimono which the wedding ceremony puts on, obviously has how grandly. Regardless of puts on is grand, or must be sure to remember: Surely may not the ether wear a garment with a low neckline, incurs comes too to pay attention. If the bridegrooms all do not stop ?? deliver, then you could link by the bride the next gerneration all to keep thinking about on. NO.3 ??: The baseless rumor attacks the bride Even if you are the bridegroom good friend, also or unrequited loves the bridegroom not to have, looks that puts on the wedding dress the woman really thought bridegroom this pile of cow dung had not found a fresh flower, but or that, the wedding ceremony this day belongs to the bride. Even if others wedding dress puts on likes is a cake, even if is long likes the natural disaster, the wedding ceremony but a public situation, you may determine sits nearby you all guests status? Perhaps your teased has fallen in the bride's side that relative good friend ear. Must know others later might be the husbands and wives in pairs, your this bystander will have the possibility on to reject very much by the bride from bridegroom's good friend name list, evenly in vain will lose a good friend. NO.4 four abstentions: When noisy wedding chamber excessively teases Before the noisy wedding chamber is the wedding ceremony necessary constituent, now some wedding ceremonies simplified, very many guests start on the banquet to make fun of two new people. Some both does smiles and the interesting game truly to be helpful to pushes the wedding banquet atmosphere to the high tide, the new person or can willingly play. But sincerely records do not have to do too excessively! NO.5 ??: Proposes a toast when the speech talks at random endlessly If you are the bilateral good friend, sometimes also wants to propose a toast at the session, expresses the blessing to the bridal bridegroom. If has 10 guests to be even more at the session, by all means must ???. If is are less in the population, each other all knows well in situation, then may sit proposes a toast. In order to bring to other people's attention, may first say the sentence prologue, if "fellow women, fellow gentlemen, I want gentleman (young lady) to respect a liquor to someone"; Or also may not need to say that officially, so long as the sound normally speaks time is bigger than said "now I want to say some speeches". But, if you are by knocks the cup the way make the other people along to pay attention, might surely not have to go to extremes makes an effort, to like I at least once three time to make an effort excessively, but all gave the cup knocks breaks! At the wedding banquet each time proposes a toast the time not suitably to surpass 3 minutes. Therefore, should avoid talking at random endlessly. Expresses best wishes when to the new person, in the words may express the concern humorously, charming, sincere is touching, even may tease, these all do not hurt the essentials. Your manner may enforce, also may be resourceful ??. But, most importantly, you should beforehand train. Presides at a wedding the person to deliver a speech the demonstration Chief witness at a wedding ceremony, recommender, fellow guests: Today is xx and xx hold wedding ceremony, is indebted xx gentleman the presence, also receives xx woman to introduce, as well as the relatives and friends come to attend a ceremony, I express the heartfelt gratitude. If has the entertainment not week, many asks everybody to forgive. Simultaneously also wishes each health! Note: Presides at a wedding the person is refers to the guardian, groom's family's father or bride's side's father. The recommender delivers a speech the demonstration The bridegroom, the bride, the chief witness at a wedding ceremony, preside at a wedding the person, fellow guests: Hello! Today is xx gentleman and xx young lady concludes the predestined match, hundred years good gather great happiness day. As theirs recommender, attends this newly married ceremony, I was honored extremely. At the same time, I also feel ashamed, because my this recommender has only done a minute introduction work, is introduced they knew, other communications, the appointment, spend under the month before last to be very affectionate and so on, all is they completes. This also no wonder, you looked bride such solemn beautiful, the bridegroom such outstandingly talented is natural, also has the talent, truly is the female appearance court attendant talent, the good combination. I heartfeltly pray for heavenly blessing their for hundred years ??, forever the bath will love the river. Matters needing attention: The recommender is a matchmaker, also is called the Hong Niang. The recommender delivers a speech generally wants to pay attention to the language the power, can transfer the entire wedding banquet atmosphere. The chief witness at a wedding ceremony delivers a speech the demonstration The bridegroom, the bride, preside at a wedding the person, the recommender, fellow honored guests: Today the auspicious day, is xx and xx ?? concludes for hundred year happy day. In in this great happiness day, I pray for heavenly blessing the bridegroom bride newly married happy, the honeymoon is happy. The husbands and wives mutually love and respect, live together in peace and harmony, mutually looks after, grows old together, happy! And wishes fellow honored guests health to be joyful! Matters needing attention: "The chief witness at a wedding ceremony", generally is the elder, the unit which invites in the family leads or at the entire wedding banquet the prestigious quite high person is the chief witness at a wedding ceremony, should regard the special details to decide, may temporarily invite in the wedding banquet. Usually is starts when the wedding banquet, asks the chief witness at a wedding ceremony to do legallies marry the word. The guest delivers a speech the demonstration The bridegroom, the bride, preside at a wedding the person, fellow guests: Today is xx two ?? great happiness days, is indebted the master to invite, can be able to attend the grand meeting, I really am extremely am honored. In this, I represent all guest, newly married prays for heavenly blessing the bridal bridegroom to be happy, happy. As everybody knows that, the society prosperously take individual family happiness as the foundation, family happiness take the content marriage as the beginning, the marriage is society's foundation. Today × gentleman marries with × young lady, is really a a perfect match, ????. I hoped they can be a happy couple, cooperation mutual forgiveness, creates a happy family, wishes the bridegroom bride marriage to be happy once more, grows old together.